A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Theme: "Proximity"
Aotearoa Game Jam 2020

Push the Limits

The reactor is going critical and the thrust controls are set to maximum. As your speed gets ever greater perform dangerously close flybys of nearby asteroids. Your fate is sealed, make it exhilarating.


Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys or a Joystick to turn your ship.

When you get close to an asteroid it will turn yellow and you'll start gaining points, the closer you get and the faster you are flying the more points you will gain.

Once you move away from an asteroid it will turn grey and no longer give you points.

The Team

Jonathan Weston - Producer and Programmer

Catherine Illingworth - Artist and Sound

Nikita Harris - Lead Programmer

Angeline Moneda – UI

Other Assets
  • Quantum by Greg Ortiz
  • Reality Pursuit NC by Jayvee Enaguas


Hyperspeed Daredevil.zip 24 MB
Hyperspeed Daredevil_MAC.app.zip 25 MB

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