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Theme: "on the brink"

Kiwijam 2020

You've been asleep, but your bliss has been disturbed by the revelation that you are sharing your dreams with your worst enemy - knock them into the lava below to convey your spite and thereby wake them up.

Player 1Player 2
- A/D: balance on the tight rope
- W/S: move forwards/backwards
- Left Shift: attack
- Left Ctrl: block
- Left/Right Arrow: balance on the tight rope
- Up/Down Arrow: move forwards/backwards
- Right Shift: attack
- Right Shift: block

The Team:
The Team
(From back, left to right): Catherine, Angeline, Alex, Lucy & Jack.

Jack Warburton (@Wobzy) - programmer

Alex Woods (@brainlesss) - programmer

Catherine Illingworth (@Constellado) - 3D artist (models)

Angeline Moneda (@laracat0801) - 2D artist (UI) & documentation

Lucy Miedema (@Macabrey) - 2D artist (titlescreen, UI) & documentation

Other Assets:

Game Font:


Made using Unity


Keep Your Cool.zip 70 MB

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